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Comming in English!

I became an entrepreneur at the age of 22 and I was a mother with

two young children.

So this year I've have been working with people for 18 years.

I was surprised about the challenges I faced with my children and

with other people’s relationships.

I thought nothing was going to surprise me anymore. But I noticed

bullying and lack of communication skills in many areas.

If children and young people (also adults) would understand each

other better the bullying would be reduced.

In addition, young people use a language where it’s normal to use

understatements, name-calling and degrading words to others.

Which in return does not increase their self-esteem.


With a small child everyday life is a struggle. Like understanding the child,

having a discussion, compromising, exhaustion, eating, fighting, cleaning,

laundry, shopping and changing diapers.

Sometimes we're at the limits of madness and sometimes we cry with joy

and happiness.


As a parent, have you ever had the feeling that you're doing the same thing

all over again? Repeating the same things countless times and using the phrase

"what did I say”. Familiar parenting? Is this the way it has to be?

As the child grows up, openness and a common path must be found;

It's communication. A child should be allowed to feel understood and

loved because we only have them on lend.


How do I cope with everyday life?

For 18 years, I've taught people to understand behaviors and body languages.

For me, the most important thing with my children has been communication,

continuing into their teens. I want to be there.


There's a lot to learn and a lot I've learned. So I decided to write a book that is

easy to read and understand. In the book I offer families and couples goals and

techniques so that children are also taken into account.


The book is just the beginning but it's a good basis for everything.


And it works!

I challenge parents to start a journey that gives everyone the opportunity to be

exactly who they are.



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